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Teach Craft Revolution is about bringing Creativity to your life.

Being creative is not about having lots of skills or special talent. It's about passion and following your heart. It’s about sharing resources, ideas, materials & inspiration. Its about finding what inspires and brings you joy.

And in the end it’s about finding a community of people.  Just like you.


Providing Inspiration, Skills and Community for the modern creative. 




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Hi, I'm Inma Goodhew, founder of The Old School Club. I help people learn creative skills, make unique creations and turn their creativity into a profitable business. When I started I had no idea how to run a business, but I learned how to be productive whilst looking after two small children, how to do my own marketing, websites, social media and bookkeeping and how to build a successful business from zero. My creative skills are mostly self taught, refined by practicing and making my own mistakes.
Teach Craft Revolution is an online creative hub to help homemakers & upcyclers turn their ideas into a reality and create better businesses so they can focus on the creative work.





These classes are held at The Old School Club, in Battersea, London throughout the year.

Join one of our sewing, upcycling, furniture painting or upholstery classes to gain the skills  & the confidence to transform your accessories, your wardrobe or your house!

Be Creative.