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I am SUPER EXCITED to say that I have a new website for my Upcycled Furniture & Design business.

Summer, in business terms, tends to mean we slow down. If you have children, it is almost impossible to do anything during holidays, if you have clients they seem to disappear. Or maybe you just want to go to travel the world.

As usual, my countdown to holidays has been a mad race. This is what happens when I have very little time left, I work like a crazy ant as if the world was going to end.

For the past three years, I have been marketing and selling my furniture and services through my main business website, The Old School Club. I have received commissions from private and commercial customers (through word of mouth), I have sold furniture at events (The Great Home Hack), at my workshop in the club and online. It has done the job but it was about time to give this side of the business its own new shiny brand and place.

So here my new website, The Club Collection.

If you want to have a laugh go the About section, Who we are.

It is very much work in progress, there are still a few important “things” to add such as our value proposition (what makes us different) and all the furniture and the new designs we have been working on, but I am happy with the new branding and getting the technical bit done.

You can create a website like this in WordPress, using a Free theme and a WooCommerce plugin. It took me just under an hour. The Branding & Logo took a bit longer but it was quite straight forward as I had a very clear idea of what I wanted. 

It is not the perfect website but it is a good start. I also created a new account on Instagram (theclubcollection), new flyers and the business cards. That was even more exciting.

If you are thinking of creating a new website for your business (technical challenges aside) but have no idea where to start, here a few things you can start working on:

Your branding & style: create a mood board with colours, ideas and websites that you like (they don’t have to be about upcycling or furniture, they could be anything).

Your value proposition, the promise of the value you deliver and the reason someone is going to buy from you. You don’t have to put this in text, it can be shown as part of the images, the colours, the fonts and the style, and it should include: 

  • WHO delivers the value: 
    • Is it you or are you working as part of a team?
    • Do you have a company which offers other services?
    • What is your story?
  • WHAT you do:
    • Upcycling, painting, transforming, restoring furniture
    • Delivering a bespoke service
    • Providing interior design services
  • WHO your customers are, are you selling to:
    • Wealthy young professionals
    • Women over 40 who live in the country side
    • Other businesses
    • What are their interests?
  • HOW it is going to benefit your customers, they would like to:
    • BE: responsible about waste and sustainability
    • HAVE: unique, one of a kind, bespoke piece of furniture.
    • FEEL: popular amongst their stylish friends.
  • WHY are you different?
    • The materials you use,
    • The process you follow
    • The people you train, help or employ




I also need to add a few more technicalities, such as the Newsletter form. I am not sure about adding a new blog, as I already have this one and I could easily link back. As you can see, I still have a few more hours of work to do. But for now, I think I will start slowing down ….

Are you in that stage of your business where you need a website? What is your main challenge? Is it the technical side, the branding or just trying to explain what you do? Add a comment below and I will try to help!


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