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This is where the magic happens.

The Old School Club is a creative hub in SW London where people learn creative skills, make unique creations and feel inspired.

You have a list of creative projects you want to do. You may have decided to make more and buy less or you just want to get that unique and personalised finish. Maybe you need some creative time or would like to experience the satisfaction of getting something done.

But you find yourself stuck, looking at your Pinterest boards and wondering ..

–  You lack the skills or confidence, which make you think that what you are making is not going to be good!

–  You have Information overload, you are looking at too many tutorials, videos and other information but you have no guidance or clear steps on what to do.

–  You are missing that creative inspiration, you have lots of ideas but you don’t know where to start.

–  You have no time or space.

We are here to help! Whether you need a refresher because you haven’t done any sewing in the past few years, or you require guidance with that piece of furniture that needs to be updated or you need some inspiration and space to work on your makes, our CLASSES AND WORKSHOPS are designed to teach you new skills, build your confidence and provide inspiration to help you make unique creations.


Pop in for a coffee and a chat, we love it here and hope you will too.

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