Glue, ribbon and Japanese Fabric…On today’s Breakfast Club menu: Packaging

Even though baby Sam is just six months old, it feels like a lifetime since I immersed myself in the world of sticky-back plastic and PVA glue. So, as tragic as it sounds, I took great pleasure in seeing a table overflowing with glue, ribbon and Japanese fabric when I entered The Old School Club. Yes, it was time for my second taste of The Breakfast Club and on today’s menu was packaging.

The Breakfast Club

It wasn’t just me that was given an opportunity to get my creative juices flowing, oh no. It was also a chance for baby Sam to be introduced to the world of guitars, maracas and glockenspiels. As part of Melody Box, a music class which took place in the crèche next door, Sam was treated to his favourite nursery rhymes which were, for once, sung in tune.

So while Sam happily attempted to shake (chew) a tambourine, Inma Goodhew (founder of The Old School Club) explained to us how with a few simple ribbons, stamps and fabrics we could turn a dull looking box into something unique and personal.

As opposed to last week’s cross stitch taster, where we were given step-by-step instructions, today’s club was very much about using own imagination and getting stuck in. And I have to say, I had forgotten how easy it is to get wrapped up (pun intended) making things and how refreshing it is to have a break from doing mum stuff. At the same time, it was really interesting to chat to the other class members and, in particular, hear the inspirational stories about how motherhood has provided the ideas and inclination to explore their creative side and, in some cases, develop their own business.

By the end of the two hours, I was able to take home my unique stationary holder and CD cover (which I have to say don’t look half bad) and a happily exhausted baby Sam.  


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