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Right, this is the time when I really need some help to get things going. I have just found our new premises and I need to do lots of work to get the club ready for the opening in two weeks. And it is not going to get any easier! I will be running the club, the classes & workshops, the shop and the cocrafting area until I can get some help. It also includes all the children classes and creche activities!

so I have the feeling that this blog is going to be neglected, which is a shame because there are lots of things to tell you about, new projects, classes, ideas and obviously lots of things to be inspired by!! but I just can’t see any available time. I have never tried to be a blogger myself, I use this platform as I way of telling you the news, or posting a tutorial, share some photos or showing some new products, so I am not trying to “buy” a blogger to write for me!

I will still write my own posts but I would like to find someone who shares the same passion for crafting, creating and learning new things and would like to write about some of the things that happen at The Old School club. So here the requirements:

– You must be someone who likes crafting, creating and learning new things and would like to write about it . You can obviously (should) have your own personal blog.
– You must have a good sense of style and craft trends. And lots of imagination!!
– You must like and promote what the club does.
– You must be able to take good photos and must have good writing skills.
– You must be able to write tutorials.
– You must post at least one post per week.
– The posts must contain information about the club:
** a new class info, a workshop that has just been done or an event.
** a new product in the shop or a new project.
** a new idea to be inspired by ..
** or something that is just worth writing about!
– You must be in London, near London or within easy access to London.

In return I give you:
– A one year membership (worth £50) with added benefits (discount on classes and creche, access to the club, networking, free access to member’s events, etc). Or two years if you continue with the blog!
– Once a month you will receive a new set of materials from our shop for you to make something new with them and blog about it. The materials and the finished project will be yours and you can use them for whatever you like.
– Once a month you will be invited to a class or workshop (1 session);
– Once a month we will meet up over a tea or coffee to talk about the new classes, trends and other things going on in the world of crafting.
– Your name will appear in the post’s Created by and your good work will be promoted.
– I will share with you all the photos and other info you may need.
(Please note that this is not a free subscription to the worker bee box!)

If you are interested, please send me an email to inma@theoldschoolclub.co.uk with a bit of what you do, a profile, a link to your current blog and any other information you find useful. Please do not send me large files, I am happy with some links where I can see your work.
The key question is “how would you define the The Old School Club’s creative style?”.

Thank you!!

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