My first taste of the Breakfast Craft Club

I like to think I’m a little bit crafty. That is to say, I love sticking, cutting, painting, sewing and so on… I’m not entirely sure if and what my specific crafty calling is however but, for me, that’s not really the point. I just enjoy the experience of learning new skills and meeting new people. So, with that in mind, I took myself and five month-old baby Sam to the newly opened Battersea-based The Old School Club to attend its inaugural class, ‘Breakfast Craft Club’. 

The Old School Club

The brainchild of Inma Goodhew, The Old School Club is located within the somewhat obscure setting of the Battersea Business Centre on Lavender Hill, a stone’s throw away from the Battersea Arts Centre. Tucked away in Unit 141, in a white box of a room which has been transformed into a cosy workshop space complete with a small crèche, The Old School Club serves up a range of short classes from upholstery to floristry and, of course, this morning’s Breakfast Craft Club which, over three hours, offers a taste into a new craft each week.

Box of tricks

So, while baby Sam happily jumped up and down in the Jumperoo in the crèche next door I got stuck into my first ever cross-stitch lesson.  Led by Bella Lane, an expert embroiderer and artist, we went through the basics of cross-stitch as well as the type of needles and fabrics required. Bella also showed us a few cheeky tricks such as how to thread a needle like the professionals (apparently it’s a big no-no to suck on the thread before feeding it through the eye of the needle. Who knew?). And we also tried our hand at cross-stitching with human hair – this was not only super tricky but a bit creepy if you ask me and, fortunately, a technique that went out of fashion quite a long time ago.


The club set-up is informal and friendly, which is perfect for anyone like me who might feel a bit intimidated by tackling a new skill. Plus, there was plenty of opportunity to ask questions as well as chat to other crafty participants. And to top it off, all of this was accompanied by cups of coffee and delicious freshly baked brownies (made by Crayve’s Organic, who also live in the Battersea Business Centre).

Although the class didn’t go into too much detail, it did give me just enough of an insight into cross- stitching to possibly give it another go. And I’m already wondering what next week’s class holds in store.

Breakfast Craft Club takes place every Monday morning from 10am to 12pm. On Wednesday evenings a Craft Night takes place between 6.30pm and 8.30pm.

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