On today’s Breakfast Craft Club menu…Make your very own rabbit!

Doing anything in this weather seems like walking through treacle. Yes, I know, we moan about the bad weather and then we moan about the good weather. What can I say? It’s what we do as a nation. But on a more upbeat note, my trip to this week’s Breakfast Craft Club was worth braving the outdoors for. Not only was it cooler inside than out, but today’s treat was to make from scratch your very own cute toy rabbit.

Led by Old School Club founder Inma, we were given the basic pattern – body, arms and super sweet ears – along with a selection of material from which to create our little creatures. Following simple guidelines, we pinned, cut and then hand stitched (back stitched). And I have to say, I don’t usually have the time or patience to hand stitch but it’s not so bad if accompanied by chat and freshly made coffee! I also picked up some handy tips including how to make a knot at the end of your thread with one hand (it makes you look so pro!).

Next, it was time to choose a contrasting fabric for the inside of the ears and, using two buttons for the eyes, bring the “little wabbit” to life. Being somewhat rusty at the old sewing, I ran out of time. But Inma ensured I had all the bits and pieces and, instructions, to finish it off at home.

I must say, the end result has a very loose resemblance of a rabbit, but I like to think this gives him character! And judging by baby Sam’s response to meeting him (the rabbit’s ear was quickly and firmly gripped between Sam’s new bottom two teeth and toothless top gum), I think it’s success!

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