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You know you need to improve those creative skills, or you would like to move that idea into a side business. There are lots of free tutorials & videos out there but they are giving you different information, too much information and at the end of the day, you just need to know how to prepare your pieces so they have a professional finish, or what type of paint to use or how to find more customers so you can increase your income.

And then you have questions ... but no one to ask to.

Here you will find everything in one place. With clear information and actions. And because I believe we work better when we get support from others and are part of a community, most of my online courses provide live interaction and mentoring.

Creative skills can be learned.

Whether you would like to make something for you or your home, to expand your range of homemade products or to grow your creative business, your skills are an important part of your creative process.

Hi, I'm Inma Goodhew and I have been teaching creative skills at The Old School Club in London for 5 years. I know how difficult it is to find the time to attend the classes onsite, to start & grow a business and to get support. Here I will be adding my new online courses to help you live a creative life.