How quickly could you move forward if you had a simple, creative & easy to use plan for your creative business?

You are passionate about designing and making and you have lots of ideas. You have already made a few items but are not sure if your side business is really a business. You have been working on your business for the past few years but you are struggling to find your customers ...

I don't like the word business plan, a business plan doesn’t guarantee that your business is going to be successful, but you need a PLAN if you want to create a successful business.

After the success of the Creative Business Plan for the Upcycling business downloaded over 500 times, this is a revisited and improved Creative Plan. This FREE guide shows you how to create an achievable plan and what information you need to know to start a creative business.

The biggest take out? Start small, pick a goal and clearly define what you want to accomplish in 90 days. That is 3 months, 12 weeks.

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