Bye 2012, Hello 2013

I didn’t want to start my 2013 without saying goodbye to 2012 and making a little inventory of what has happened, although I am not sure I can say that the last year is completely finished yet. We are still working on getting the new place for The Old School Club, which is driving me crazy at the moment.
So I am looking at all the positive things that happened in 2012. This is to bring some closure to a very special 2012 and to welcome a great 2013!! I cannot summarise the whole year in 12 bullet points, so here some highlights. 

1. We received our first knicker making kits made by Emma (Emiliana Underwear). I started using Instagram ..  and I am using it more now. It is a good excuse to make photos of the finished projects. 
2. I started making more Crochet and I really got inspired by these simple, but so gorgeous, wrist warmers (by Sandra Juto). Then I completed my granny blanket and also started with the Afghan squares, not finished yet!
3. My second son was born in March. This is the most important highlight !!! He is a beautiful little thing and 9 months old already!. 
4. I didn’t give any classes in April – for obvious reasons – but I still did some work and started to source a few quality fabrics for our courses.  These are from the Soul Blossoms collection by Amy Butler. 
5. Amanda took over the sewing classes and gave a great “Make childrenswear” class. 
6. I started to publish some of my tutorials in the blog and really got into photographing stuff. 
7. July was a very difficult month for me. With a 3 month old baby, a toddler and a business which couldn’t grow due to the lack of space, I had to make a few decisions. (Photo credit)
8. We took a well deserved holiday and recharged our energies. And when we came back the decision was made: we were going large and we had to be prepared! Ah! and I got hooked to Pinterest .. 
9. The business plan was taking a good shape and we started looking for new premises. It was not any more about “sewing classes”, there was more!! A new logo was born .. 
10. New ideas were developed. There was lots of excitement but also many late nights and busy weekends. I started preparing the projects for our first Make Along
11. We found the place we liked, well we actually found 3 places!, but things got a bit more complicated due to the leases, the surveyors and other annoying details. The community site was created for the club members. I was also very busy preparing the Christmas workshops. 
12. I secured new suppliers for fabric, haberdashery, yarns and many more surprises. The online shop is launched! It is going slow but new products are added every week. We also had our first gathering with our future teachers & partners with bubbles, nibbles and beautiful cupcakes (From Lady Berry Cupcakes)!

Happy 2013. 

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  • Tori Anne

    Reply Reply 18th January 2013

    Sounds like you had a pretty busy year! Your blog is darling, and your stuff is amazing!

  • Inma Goodhew

    Reply Reply 18th January 2013

    Thank you, I am very glad you like my blog! .. it has been busy indeed, I am now getting ready for 2013. x

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