Children’s parties: Superhero party

And these are the photos of the party .. One of the mums called me this morning and she said that her son was still talking about it the following weekend and was explaining to her grandma how great it was, that he got to wear his superhero dress and that it was a very special place. Thank you!

 The cake (organic cake/s from Crayve’s, super yummy!):
more photos here .. 

Sweet pots:

Popcorn, sausages and sausage rolls:


Banana superhero:

 Chocolate dips with strawberry capes:

Making masks, cuffs and other messy stuff ..

 The hero of the party having his tea (and obviously flying very high):

 Simple superhero outfit (underpants!):

The superhero dad destroying the photobooth!

Back inside the creche area for a bit of play

Happy Birthday Henry!

The Old School Club provides personalised, educational and fun activity based parties for children (and adults!). For more information please check our website or contact us for packages and prices.

NOTE: The two main kids that you can clearly see in these photos are my own. I respect the privacy of the families and children that attend my parties and I do not publish any photos of other parties unless I get specific consent from the parents / people attending the party. I reserve the right to publish photos of the handmade decoration.
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