Children’s parties: Superhero party preparations

So this was a very cool party. Henry, is 3 years old and he does this flying thing with his right arm up pointing at the sky and lots of phuuuuuiiiiifffff noises, pretending he is travelling at the speed of light. He also likes wearing his superhero PJs, so a superhero party seemed very appropriate for his current tastes. It was the first time we were trying the full decoration and the food preparation for children AND adults, but it worked really well.
The decoration was beautiful, the food was amazing (although way too much!) and the activities were completely spot on. The kids and the parents really enjoyed it so a BIG TICK IN THE BOX.

THEME: Superheroes, red, blue, black and yellow, almost everything handmade.
DRESSING UP: superhero pjs & underpants for the little ones. Girls were wearing pink tutus .. but why not?
DECORATIONS: Party table, photo booth, children’s area.
CRAFT ACTIVITY: masks and cuffs.
PARTY BAG: activity book and crayons, planes & finger puppets, stickers, glow in the dark stickers, temp tattoos. masks and cuffs and sweets.

So here a few photos of the preparations.

Cake stand:

Photobooth (Made by Becky!!):


Food decoration and other little cute details!


Fancy dress:

Party bags:

Craft Activity:

More pictures of the party itself in the next post!

The Old School Club provides personalised, educational and fun activity based parties for children. For more information please check our website or contact us for packages and prices.


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  • Judith Hart

    Reply Reply 22nd October 2013

    This looks fab Inma and great ideas. Best wishes, Jude at Sockbellies/DoodlehART xx

  • Inma Goodhew

    Reply Reply 22nd October 2013

    Thanks Jude .. it was a lovely party indeed and the kids really enjoyed it which is the best thing! xx

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