Christmas workshops

Last year I did my first Christmas fair at the Balham Christmas party. I took my new big stall, all the projects, flyers, my pregnant belly and lots of excitement and I froze my ears off!!! So this year I have decided to stay indoors. I am too Spanish to stay out there for the day. 
I am going to participate in three events. One of them is for a local school at a family event, which I am really looking forward to it!! The other two are both great events for you to attend! 
I will be making lots of different Christmas decorations: 
Using recycled jumpers and blankets. If you have any piece of old wool that would like to use, please bring it along (contact me first if you want to know how to make it softy and felted!!!)
– Using lovely Christmas fabrics, I will be bringing a few bundles to the workshops. 
– Embroidery details: I have prepared lots of gorgeous patterns based on easy embroidery stitches that you can learn on the day
– Crochet snowflakes, flowers and other lovely details that you can place around the house. I am preparing lots of different patterns for you to choose. 

– Crochet squares that you can use to make your special Christmas coasters or just simple decorations. 
1st December: with We Make London at the Battersea Arts Centre* (2 – 5 p.m)
Christmas wreath : £20 (includes wreath and materials)
Christmas decorations with embroidery: £5
Crochet decorations: £8 (includes a 50gr ball and a hook).

* This event also has amazing designers showing and selling their handmade products. You can’t miss it! 

6th December: with London Mothers Club at The Plough ** (1 – 5 p.m)
Christmas decorations with embroidery: £5

** There will also be other workshops such as card making, beaded decorations or making a flower wreath. 

I look forward to seeing you there!! 

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