The last few days have been very busy working on my computer: I have done all my accounts for the last year and up to day (YES!), I have planned the new calendar of classes for november, I have updated the website, I have added a feedly follow me button to the blog and I have tried to sort out the mess of the online shop which currently only has 5 products in it (JUST NO TIME!) and no success. I think I will be moving platform again.

And then this morning I bought a new second hand office desk (I needed one!) which is going to be upcycled into an stylish table and I got distracted in the world of Ebay, looking at shop displays, card stands and other shelving aspects. £35 for a card display?? are you mad? more expensive than my new shinny desk? so then I thought I could make one. And here it is. 
See the tutorial here. 

 I had lots of cardboard boxes and this fabulous lettering huge piece of paper. Simple, simple.

Cut the box with a cutter.

 Make a little stand inside so you can add two tiers of cards/flyers, etc.

Use a large piece of wrapping paper or decorating paper

Find the part you like the most so you can either place it on the side or at the front.

Add some PVA glue to the box, one side at the time.

And now wrap it around, cut all the corners in a straight line and wrap them at the bottom and inside the box too.

Press with the side of your hand to remove any air bubbles.

Wrap your little stand too (although it is not visible with the flyers inside!) and make two little cuts on the top where you can lift a bit of cardboard (this is to hold the top tier flyers).

Voile! all for £000000000000 (except the PVA glue).

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