It is the trend of the summer, neons are pastels !! So here is a very simple project that you can do in a blink.

First get a neon/pastel t-shirt, I actually found this one at Asda when I was looking for a cheap pair of jeans that I wanted to bleach and re-cycle into a bag. Success (the t-shirt, the bag is still in the to-do list!!)

For the pastels, I have used an old scrap with a 60’s design (from My Fabric House) to make an applique. I don’t have much of this fabric left now, but I use the bits and bobs for projects like this one.

You can use some iron-on interface (I used the double-sided) to fix the applique onto the t-shirt.

I have then used some more neon threads to add some machine detail to the applique. It doesn’t show on the picture but I am doing a Zig zag stitch using different colours on each of the flowers.

Voile. I will be wearing this one to the beach!!

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