Inspired by .. Summer treasures

Every time I go to my mum’s summer house I find myself looking for little treasures. I have spent many summers there and I remember making lots of sewing, adding beads, sequins or embroidery. I also learnt how to crochet – the one that uses a very small hook!

There are lots of handmade things around the house, tablecloths, bed linen, crochet curiosities, ceramic jars and pots, 70’s dresses! and of courses painted tiles. So here a few pictures of this year’s summer treasures.

This is the top of an embroidered tunic
My bed linen! I love the combination of the blue sea-side stripes and the waves pattern crochet,.
 Crochet curtain – an amazing piece of work.
Embroidered curtain – so old .. and so modern!

Curtain with crochet detail

Very old embroidery patterns & tutorials!
Until next summer now .. 

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