When the Intro to Autentico Chalk Paint class was launched, I wanted to make sure that all the basics were covered, including how to use chalk paint, colour combinations and how to obtain different finishes (modern, vintage and distressed) so you can take all this information home and start painting!
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We have been using wood boards until now. The problem is that these boards are flat surfaces, so although they are great for testing colour combinations, it is difficult to see a final result similar to the one you could obtain on a piece of furniture.
This is what Laura said about our class!
I went on the ‘introduction to furniture painting’ with Inma. The course was fantastic! I learnt so much in the 3 hours about paints, waxes, colours and techniques. I now have the bug and can’t wait to do the advanced course!
I made different tests with different objects: frames, wooden boxes, crates .. and then we tried these letters. They are made of paper mache, so although they can’t get too wet they are great to practice two different coats of paint and light sanding. The final look is amazing.
– No primer is required (although Autentico chalk paint doesn’t require primer for most of the projects)
– Apply a first coat of paint
– Apply a second coat of paint on different contrasting colour
– Light sand or remove with damp cloth
– Apply wax/es
This is not just another chalk painting class. I will help you define and create your own style, build your skills and confidence and guide you through the process of choosing colours & finishes to obtain the best results. If you would like to see some inspiring projects, check out these posts or follow this blog as we will be posting some great projects soon.
We still use the boards to cover the basic techniques, but painting a letter is now part of the learning process too!  The class is fun and open to every style, whether you want to achieve a vintage, distressed or modern look so it suits your home decor.
Here some of the beautiful letters you have made!
If you would like to learn how to paint a piece of furniture, join us for the Furniture Painting class, where you will learn about primers & sealers, furniture painting techniques and how to get the best results. You can also buy Autentico Chalk Paint in our shop as we stock a wide range of colours, waxes and decorative resources.
Our classes run in the morning (don’t miss our morning creche if you are looking after a child!) or in the evening, if you work during the day or just prefer a baby free time. Please check our calendar for the next dates.
Hope to see you at the next Intro to Autentico Chalk Paint class !! 
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  • Nicola

    Reply Reply 3rd October 2016

    Hi love this blog, me and a friend are looking to start our own upcycling business and would love to attend one of your class in furniture chalk painting to learn about styles and techniques , can you let me know what the next available dates are for the workshops .

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