This is called a friendship bracelet .. it reminds me to those years where best friends used to make little things for each other. They used to wear them all the time until .. well, probably until they were grown up teenagers and not best friends anymore!
Anyway, I really hope that whoever you give this to wears it forever and ever 🙂


3 x 120 cm of medium cotton yarn of 3 different colours. If you would like to use embroidery thread which is a bit thinner than the one I have used, make it 6 x 120cm length of different colours.
I have used a dark purple, lilac and grey, my favourite colours at the moment.
Scissors, tape measure and a safety pin or clipboard.
OPTIONAL: An embellishemt or charm from an old necklace or brooch or anything you want to add to your bracelet. Mine is a stone from a broken necklace.

This bracelet is mainly made of knots, so once you get the trick, it is very easy to make.
1. Cut 3 x 120cm length of cotton yarn or 6 x 120cm embroidery thread. Fold in half so each length is 60cm and tie them together with a knot leaving only a small loop at the end. Attach your safety pin and arrange the trheads so the colours are symetrical. The colours are not very clear in these images, apologies! but they go like this: purple – lilac – grey – grey – lilac – purple.

2. Starting on the left with your first colour (Purple in this project), make a figure of “4” around the thread next to it. Repeat the knot and pull firmly to tighten, but not too tight, it should be a bit chunky.
Now do the same with the next thread, in the case below the purple thread is the one “making” the knots, so it is the one that moves from left to right.

 3. Continue knotting over each thread, left to right, until the purple thread has reached the middle colour of the bracelet. Now do the same thing with the right side of the bracelet. Start with the purple again, make a backwards figure of 4 and knot. Repeat the knot.

4. Continue like this until you reach the middle of the bracelet again, then tie both threads (in this case the purple threads) with a knot to join the line.
Now start the next row of chevrons with the next line colour, in my case is the lilac and repeat the same process. Keep going until you have enough pattern to cover half of your wrist.

 5. Now you can embellish your bracelet with a charm, stone or other item. Take the two middle threads and pass them through a hole, hook or anything that will help you secure your embellishment to your bracelet. I have passed the 2 middle threads through my stone.

6. Secure the embellishment by tieing the middle thread and the next one on the left with 2 knots. Repeat the same with the other middle thread and the thread next to the right.

 7. Continue with your lines of knots. I made a change of direction half way the first side of the bracelet. If you have done this too, take note that your chevron is now on a opposite direction, so you will have to start from the middle. With the middle thread and the one to the left, make a figure of “4” backwards and make 2 knots. Keep moving this thread until you reach the end. With the other middle thread and the one to the right, make a figure of “4” and make two knots. Keep knotting until you reach the far right end.

8. When you have made enough pattern to cover the other half of your wrist, finish with a braid. Knot the threads between them so the braid stays firm. Pass it through the loop, put it in your friend’s wrist and make a knot! Cut the remaining of the threads. This is a friendship bracelet .. therefore it should not be removed!

 I hope you like it and make it .. use contrasting colour tones for a more fun bracelet, make the same chevron all over or change directions like mine. There are many combinations!

Any questions, add a comment to the post please!

x Inma.

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