The Christmas holidays have come to an end. After a few days of great celebrations we must go back to normal. But also come the good purposes for this New Year.
With the beginning of each year a list of good intentions is made, having short and long-term resolutions are good for us. But are resolutions enough? 
Resolutions have a sort of “trying” aspect linked to them. I will stop smoking by January. I will go to the gym. I will spend more time with my children. But I am not sure they have a clear path as to how and why we are doing them.
Defining Goals is a different story. When you set a goal you need to be clear about a few things ..
Then you need to break it into ACTIONS. And each action should have TASKS.
Obviously, staying healthy (and visit the gym for some!) is on the list of most women, and I include myself! 🙂 And also are to grow professionally, to have health and to nurture the loves of our lives. Of course, these things can not be missed.Every year I decide I set myself a new goal to learn new skills. Whether they are related to professional or personal development, you should always have something in your list that takes you outside your comfort zone.That is why, from ‘The Old School Club‘ we try to help with your new goals to learn new skills, meet other people and of course have fun!

From sewing, where you are able to learn the basics of sewing. For example, making a totebag or the gorgeous Cooper bag! whilst we learn hand and machine sewing techniques. Or also making an A-line skirt, an ideal class for those new to dressmaking but with some experience of using a sewing machine and ready to get started.
If you like upholstery, we also have a course for you. A 3 session course where you will learn the basics of modern upholstery and will make a gorgeous footstool.
You can also learn the main techniques of painting furniture with chalk paint and how to transform a stool, small table, chair or shelf unit.
You can also learn how to crochet and make granny squares that you will be able to sew together into a blanket, bag or anything you like, this would be a great idea for this new year!.
So, what are your goals for the new year?! We will make it easy for you. For more details about our classes and events, please go here
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