This is the story of a simple moodboard, a place where you can display the colours, patterns, fabrics, places & spaces and more .. those that will inspire you for the next few weeks or season.

Although I like following some trends, whether in fashion or interior design, I know I get influenced as well by how I feel, the experiences I have just had or exciting things about to happen – a mix of everything!

Star with colours, patterns and textures. Find inspiration in magazines, pinterest or experiences. Get some fabric samples from your favorite designers.

So here is my sample!


SAND: very much attracted by my visit to Ibiza this year, the neutral colours, the sand in the beach, the simple and beautiful decoration in the houses.

SEA BLUES: the turquoise of the clear water near the beach & the deep blue of the sea. I have also added a mixed blue, between grey and blue, which reminds me to the last days of August, the rainy days and the summer storms.

Autentico Chalk Paint: Sand, Antique Turquoise, Sailors Blue and Troubled Water. Available here at the club.

Fabrics: Stripes and pattern turquoise: Fabrics Galore, Blue with birds: Flight voile, available here at the club. Hessian and white linen.

Do you have a moodboard? what are your favorite colours for the next few months?


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