I am not a dressmaker – I can follow patterns and make a few garments for myself, but I am not good enough at fitting. So a few weeks ago, during the Laurel dress class at the club, I decided to pick up some of the tips and made myself a Laurel dress. Aren’t I lucky?
Have a look at our Dressmaking classes for this season.
I love Colette patterns. They are simple but super stylish and they are easy to make. I made the Ginger skirt for the summer holidays and I really like how it looks!
It was obviously my sewing week. Two days before I had made a beautiful and super easy cape – which now I wear non-stop!. I bought this great wool blend from Fabrics Galore , which is only 2 MINUTES from here! (oh and a few other fabrics too) and I applied a faux suede me-made bias tape around the neck. I also managed to make a fringe at the bottom of the sides. Success.
Just check out my hand drawn pattern 🙂
Ended up with a squared version, top right corner.
And then I bought this beautiful wool/cashmere blanket. I wore it on a Sunday to go out for lunch with my two kids and a dog and it just kept falling off all the time, not comfortable for a busy mum. So I just made a hole, with a hidden bias, and now I use it as a poncho. Another great success.
I was sooooo delighted with all these, that I am now dedicated to make myself one piece of clothing a month. Yes, yes. Although I have very little time left after providing classes, running the club, painting and looking after my kids, I am determined to make myself more garments. Given that I like modern & simple lines, it can’t be that difficult!
This month I am going to make myself a pair of knickers and a camisole. Emma is teaching these two classes at the club next week and I just LOVE the style. Made from upcycled materials (an old t-shirt, jersey or stretch fabric) she teaches how to cut the pattern and sew super comfortable knickers using a domestic sewing machine. We have done a few knicker classes with her before, but the camisole is a new one .. sooo excited.
 My Laurel dress:
My Cape:
My Poncho!! see the blanket style?
Happy sewing.
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