NEW! The Worker Bee box project kits

How many times have you flicked through your favourite magazine and thought “I must make this” oh! “and this” ah! “and this one too!” but then you never have time to buy the right materials or you cannot really find the inspiration to start making anything? The Worker bee box contains a complete set of unique, inspirational and crafty items selected to help you make a new project every month.

The Worker Bee Box is currently sold as a 3 month subscription, which you can buy here. 

I love boxes, and boxes within boxes with little surprises. I also like making things. And I like magazines with lots of ideas and inspiration, I have lots of them at home and for the club. So this is a combination of my favourite things.

This is my first box prototype. I already have ordered all the packaging and most of the details that will be added. That was the easy part ..

The instructions come in a small format, making it easy for you to collect.

Each box contains a project. This is not just a box full of crafty stuff. The first 3 boxes will be sent mid month of January, February and March. They are meant to be a surprise, but I know people would like to know the sort of things that will be included… apologies if these are a bit vague but I don’t want to spoil the surprise!
– Sewing, crochet, knitting, textile print, stationery and a few other projects.
– Designer fabric bundles, organic fabrics, threads, embroidery details.
– Special fabrics, such as a French linen, or imported silks.
– Beads, lace and vintage ribbons.
– AND many more ..

NOTE: the following items do no represent a specific project. These are materials and samples that I am collecting to prepare the projects. Quantities or colours may vary per project or box.

– No nasty kits, everything is individually selected.
– Made by the talented creatives from The Old School Club.

– With instructions.
– Everything included*

* Within a limit ..  i.e. we will not be sending any sewing machines!
** Boxes will be shipped on the 15th of Jan, Feb and March, 2013.
*** By purchasing this Product you accept our Terms and Conditions.
**** Free postage if you buy before the 25th Dec, 2012.

The Worker Bee Box (c) has been created by The Old School Club.

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