New workshop: How to make a Sketchbook

We are starting our first series of arts and crafts classes (how very exciting!!) and one of them is a workshop to learn how to make a sketchbook from recycled & new materials and how to use it; we will obviously make one!
I really like this class because it is a mix of creative activities: designing, recycling, cutting and pasting, drawing and painting and finally the output is a gorgeous piece of work that is also useful!!

The Make a sketchbook class is provided by Ludwig Wagner ( Ludwig also teaches our Pop Art Portrait and Still life drawing classes. The class lasts for 3 hours and it costs £40, all materials are included although you can bring some photos, pre-loved papers and other items that you would like to include in your work.
You can book your place online here.

These are all very different projects, but here there is some inspiration for next week’s (credits under each project photo)

IMG 0752 Another Challenge for the Hug Life Book

art journal page by curiouserdesign, via Flickr
Art journal page. Inspiration
Journal Page:butterflies
Jennibellie Studio - tutorial on how to make a beautiful art journal or sketchbook from just a cereal box and paper.
Now, recycling old paper with various colours, weights and textures into a sketch book - that's a better idea!     Retro French Book Repurposed into a Spiral Bound Journal or Sketchbook : Traci Bunkers
Saranna Drury - For the Trees
Purple Red and Blue Drips Sketchbook  Recycled by eclecticCosmos, $15.00
Recycled Notebook/Journal/Sketchbook by chickenandcustard on Etsy, £4.50
And this is a great book (by Tracy Bonkers!!), with lots of ideas to decorate and to add personality to your work. 
Print & Stamp Lab
I hope you can make it! 
x Inma.
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