I have decided to start my blog about my love for crafts and therefore my new business, something I never thought I would do … I worked in very demanding jobs in IT for a decade in a previous life but always loved doing arty and creative things. I grew up in an environment where things were handmade, personalised and finished with love. After having my son last year, I finally realised that although I was still very much career-focused, it was a different career I wanted to take. The idea for my own business came after I searched for art & crafts courses during my maternity leave but couldn’t find anything scheduled during the day or that allowed me to take my son with me. Maternity leave is a fantastic mother-baby time but between nappy changes and milk feeds there may be a bit of time to do things that you cannot do at home or if/when you come back to work. I decided then to start my business, using an office/studio for the classes and a large area for the crèche.

I set up the premises, bought the sewing machines and the school desks in two weeks, and I launched the business on the 1st of June, 2011. The first set of courses started that same week. My aim is to help people to learn new skills, to make beautiful but different things, to recycle and to upcycle and to be unique. If I cannot teach it myself I would find the right craft-lover to do it. The courses include quilting, sewing, crochet, knitting, upholstery and other craft workshops. The creche is available during all the courses and it is run by a qualified team. There is also a Studio, where you can bring your own projects to work on and use the creche.

Do you have a why? Why do you want to make? why do you want to learn new skills? why do you want to be creative? Why do you want to sell what you make?  
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