The Curiosity Project – What a great surprise!

At the end of last year I found a post talking about The Curiosity Project. I completely fell in love with the idea and I subscribed to it. You get assigned an anonymous friend (you also get a little hint of what he/she likes) and then you send a box with some “things”. In return, you also receive a lovely box with lots of surprises in it!

You obviously have to trust that the person you get assigned to will send you something … I received this gorgeous box and it really made my Christmas more exciting!
Unfortunately I was away for Christmas (ok and a few more days!) and I only returned on the 9th of Jan. I received the box as I was leaving the house so I had to wait almost 3 weeks to see the contents!! Although that added more excitement to the project, it also meant that I was very late to post the photos to their webiste (ah! you are meant to send the photos once you receive the box). It is now closed so I will not be able to get a post ..

TO MY ANONYMOUS SENDER – I AM REALLY SORRY FOR NOT BEING ABLE TO POST THE PHOTOS ON TIME. I really love every single item in it, so I will do my best to send some details and a link to this post (maybe a sneaky link in their Facebook!).

So here it is:

The box had been wrapped in red paper and it had a handwriten note. I had indicated that I liked sewing and handmade things, so she (I assumed it is a SHE!) has made an amazing job finding all these things!

The stuffed bird is made with a lovely blue patterned fabric. I think this is to be used as decoration, but it is so lovely that I need to find a use for it .. mmmm ..

There was a set of patchwork cotton fabrics! they are lovely colours, they look like 50 years old!  They have flowers but they are not flowery pastely stuff. I love them.

The Sew Sweet sewing kit is gorgeous. It has lots of bits and bobs inside  ..

And there is room to add more things !!

Love hearts .. yum yum yum ..

This little bottle contains a few ribbons, buttons, beads and fabrics .. lovely.

I have never done Origami before, so I really liked this little surprise!

And this is my beautiful notepad .. lots of lists to write down!!

I love it, every single thing. I will be joining the next project again as I think this is such a brilliant idea. I really enjoyed putting my box together for someone else and I enjoyed even more receiving this box from My curious Pal.

If you would like to join the next project, please check

Thank you for my box!
Your curious crafty friend.

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  • tuft

    Reply Reply 8th February 2012

    I didn’t send you this box but its good to see that you did blog it even after the deadline. The one i sent was never blogged so i don’t know if it was received.

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