Would you like to participate in our first “Make Along”?

As you probably know, we are not doing any courses at the moment as we are moving to bigger & better premises .. it is all very exciting (and also busy at this end!) but moving is taking a bit longer than expected and this is becoming very booooring. The list of people asking for the new courses is growing but unfortunately our old studio is now packed up and full of boxes and new furniture and the new one .. is still “under construction”. I am so sorry ..
But panic NOT!, I have an idea to help you learn a few tricks, bits, bobs and more. Think about all those Christmas presents that you are going to make … in OUR MAKE ALONG!

So we have decided to give you a little challenge .. for the next few weeks we will propose a new project for you to make at home. We will give you the instructions and also how to sourse some of the supplies. We will try to use recycled items and other things easy to find, but there may be the odd item that you will need to buy.

You have a week to make it, to ask any questions or to start again .. once finished please send us a picture and we will add it to the blog. The best projects** will have a special mention ๐Ÿ™‚ and who knows .. maybe something else!

Projects include: Applique on a t-shirt for little or not so little people, A simple bag, Friendship bracelet, Easy embroidery for super beginners, Something quilted, Make your own stamp and print as much as you can wherever you can, BIG crochet (NEW!!!!) with big crochet hooks and big cotton made with recycled t-shirts, Stencil paint, Washi tape and something Christmasy to close down the Make Along. 10 exciting projects for you to learn and to make!

If you would like to participate, please add your email address to the blog (or join our Facebook page) so you can be notified each week and send me an email to inma@theoldschoolclub.co.uk so I know you are interested. Every Thursday starting THIS WEEK (11th October) we will send an email with the instructions. You can send your questions and pictures any time, even 5 weeks later ๐Ÿ™‚

We look forward to making along with you!!

Inma (@The Old School Club)
** This is not a competition, all your projects will be beautiful and unique, but I will personally mention those that I think look better than mine ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Cazzyline

    Reply Reply 9th October 2012

    I adore your footnote. Just for that, I’m tagging along!

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